Threshold: The Sublime Skin

 Objects which explore the skin as a threshold between the inner and the outer worlds. Combining entomology pins with sawdust-stuffed limbs these pieces are attempts to realise the sculptural potential of the rashes which creep across the body. Titles are taken from interviews with eczema and psoriasis sufferers.



it was quite lovely having a focus


calico, sawdust, plastic, thread, beads, sequins, entomology pins

photo: Jon Barraclough




I'm fine, I'm happy, everything's okay, nothing's wrong


calico, sawdust, plastic, satin, thread, beads, entomology pins




itchy and prickly painful


calico, sawdust, blackout fabric, plastic, thread, entomology pins




 I look so rubbish anyway, there's no point


calico, sawdust, synthetic fabric, plastic, thread, beads, entomology pins